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Naja ReGo - E-liquid Container

Naja ReGo - E-liquid Container

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Replacement E-liquid Container for the Naja ReGo kit

The Replacement E-liquid Container for the Naja ReGo Kit - Designed to seamlessly integrate with the ReGo kit, this refill tank brings simplicity and efficiency to the forefront of your vaping routine. Refilling your tank has never been easier. Just fill the e-liquid container with your preferred e-liquid, attach it to the side of the ReGo unit, and securely fit it in place. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free process, eliminating any unnecessary complexities.

Thanks to its ingenious engineering on the Rego kit, the refillable cartridge facilitates a smooth and automated e-liquid transfer into the coil. As the tank is attached, the e-liquid automatically empties into the coil chamber.

Once the e-liquid has mostly loaded into the coil, the Naja ReGo is ready to be enjoyed. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of this refillable tank, making the entire vaping process more enjoyable and straightforward.

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