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Curieux Dessert - Tiramisu 50ml

Curieux Dessert - Tiramisu 50ml

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Transport yourself to a charming Italian cafe with each puff of Tiramisu e-liquid. Inhale the captivating blend of freshly brewed coffee and sweet creamy notes, reminiscent of the quaint cafes in Italy. This vape mirrors the classic Italian dessert, layering creamy mascarpone, velvety cream, and crispy biscuit bathed in sweet coffee syrup. A generous cocoa powder sprinkle imparts a rich, aromatic finish that lingers on your tongue. The Curieux Dessert series, PG-Free, and composed of 60% Vegetable Glycerine and 40% Vegetol, cater to Propylene Glycol intolerant vapers, ensuring a delightful experience without compromise.

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