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Curieux Dessert - Crème Brûlée 50ml

Curieux Dessert - Crème Brûlée 50ml

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Savor the iconic crème brûlée in an extraordinary e-liquid experience. Curieux brings you a milky, vanilla cream enveloped beneath a delicate layer of crispy caramel. A must-have for dessert enthusiasts, this vape juice mirrors the classic French treat, delivering richness in every puff. Revel in the harmonious blend of creamy milky vanilla and a whisper-thin crispy caramel layer. Meticulously crafted for a smooth, satisfying vape, this e-liquid offers the perfect fusion of sweetness and complexity. The Curieux Dessert series, PG-Free, and composed of 60% Vegetable Glycerine and 40% Vegetol, cater to Propylene Glycol intolerant vapers, ensuring a delightful experience without compromise.

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