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Curieux Dessert Collectors Edt - Baba Au Rhum 200ml

Curieux Dessert Collectors Edt - Baba Au Rhum 200ml

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Introducing Curieux Dessert Collectors Edition - Baba Au Rhum 200ml, featuring the famous Rum Baba recipe, a generous round cake, elevated by amber rum, all housed in a collectible and beautiful glass bottle. This e-liquid offers a versatile experience, soft for direct inhalation (DL) and dry for two-stage inhalation (MTL), resembling a conventional cigarette. The Curieux Dessert series is PG-Free, composed of 60% Vegetable Glycerine and 40% Vegetol, making it an ideal choice for vapers intolerant to Propylene Glycol. Dive into the rich and indulgent world of Baba Au Rhum, where each puff is a delectable journey into dessert perfection.  

  • 200ml E-liquid in Glass Bottle
  • Available only in 0mg
  • Made in France
  • PG-Free E-Liquid
  • 60% VG / 40% Vegetol
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