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Curieux Astrale Collectors Edt - Centaura 200ml

Curieux Astrale Collectors Edt - Centaura 200ml

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Introducing Curieux Astrale Collectors Edition - Centaura 200ml, a gourmet delight preserved in a premium glass bottle! Indulge in the rich flavors of a buttered pastry, layered with caramelized pears and rhubarb, freshly out of the oven. The delectable blend creates a symphony of tastes that tantalizes the palate, offering a truly satisfying and complex vaping experience. Let Centaura transport you to a world of pastry perfection with every inhale, delivering the essence of a warm, freshly baked treat straight to your senses.

  • 200ml E-liquid in Glass Bottle
  • Available only in 0mg
  • Made in France
  • 60% VG / 40% PG
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