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Curieux 1900 Collectors Edt - Framboise Cassis 200ml

Curieux 1900 Collectors Edt - Framboise Cassis 200ml

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Introducing the Curieux 1900 Collectors Edition - Framboise Cassis 200ml—an authentic fruit duo with Vegetol. In this beautifully crafted glass bottle, the Cassis Raspberry e-liquid captures both the crunch of raspberry and the slight acidity of cassis juice. This flavorful combination is remarkably round yet powerful, providing a unique taste experience. Celebrating the best fruit flavors, the 1900 Edition pays tribute to the Art Nouveau era, inspired by the iconic works of Alphonse Mucha. Dive into a 200ml masterpiece of fruity delight in every drop. 

  • 200ml E-liquid in Glass Bottle
  • Available only in 0mg
  • Made in France
  • PG-Free E-Liquid
  • 60% VG / 40% Vegetol
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